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7,200 Opportunities Are Possible as Part of Our Medical Outreach Team

At Life Line Community Healthcare we make preventive healthcare accessible to all seniors in their local communities. Using a community outreach approach we partner with our sister company Life Line Screening and local community sites such as recreational centers, country clubs and places of worship to provide services. This offers each nurse practitioner with Life Line Community Healthcare the opportunity to impact up to 7,200 lives by helping individuals prevent, delay, or identify disease early so they may be treated with an ongoing healthcare plan with their physician.

One Day

Each day is an adventure as you join your medical outreach team and commute to one new location to see roughly 30 new Medicare patients at one community site. This means each and every day, you will commute by company vehicle to see 30 new patients a day at a community site located within 1 to 4* hours of your city.

One Month

On average, each month, as a full-time medical outreach team member you will see roughly 600 Medicare patients in 20+ towns at 20+ community sites located within 1-4* hours of your city.

One Year

On average, each year, as a full-time medical outreach team member you will see roughly 7,200* new Medicare patients a year in 240+ towns at 240+ community sites located within 1-4* hours of your city.


On average, each year, as an organization we will see roughly 370,000 new Medicare patients in 124,000 towns at 124,000 events held throughout the United States. 

Now that is why we call our Medical Professionals EXTRAordinary.

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*Data provided is based off the average number of patients, towns and events of a full-time nurse practitioner. Locations are scheduled 30 days in advance which means, work schedules are available 30 days prior. Patients are scheduled by appointment through our call center and or by web site. Appointments are only available during day shift hours, Monday — Saturday, however, walk-ins are welcome. We don’t provide services on Sundays or Holidays.